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Give now to help her achieve her potential

Don't underestimate her. Yes She Can!

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Izzie and Vanessa persevere!

Izzie and Vanessa are just two of our young women with autism and learning disabilities in our program. Izzie and Vanessa want what everyone wants - to be accepted, valued and included in our community. They want to use their skills, have a job, enjoy friends, and be independent. What they don't want is to be underestimated.

Because of the challenges of their disabilities, our young women have to persevere - with coaching from professionals like Lesli - to reach their goals. Especially now that our program is operating remotely.

They don't want pity. They just want understanding, some compassion, and a little help.

Yes She Can helps our participants gain skills for employment and greater independence. We help them gain confidence and self- esteem. We give them the tools so they can be self- advocates.

Your donations will be put to immediate use, helping our young women achieve their potential and having a fulfilling and meaningful life - what we all want.