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Help her reach her goals.

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Vanessa, Mo, and Claire want jobs. You can help them reach their goal.

Autistic people are often underestimated. And they suffer from the tyranny of low expectations. We hear this everyday from teen girls and young women with autism:

"I was always told I can't. I can't pass the tests. I can't join Girl Scouts. I can't control my behavior. I can't have a job. I can't be included."

But when Claire, Mo and Vanessa joined Yes She Can we told each young woman with autism that, yes, she can develop skills that will help her achieve her goals. She can make friends. She can be accepted. She can a have meaningful job. She can feel worthy.

We believe in the potential of each one of our trainees. We not only help teens and young women develop the essential skills for employment and greater independence, we also help them to believe in their ability for success and their right to be included in our community.

The reality is that is does take expertise, and it does take more time, and it does have its challenges. But we at Yes She Can believe it is worth it.

Listen to Claire and her mother talk about the impact of Yes She Can on Claire's life. Wouldn't you want your daughter to have this opportunity?