Donate today! Help young women with autism, like Izzie, thrive.  image

Donate today! Help young women with autism, like Izzie, thrive.

Your generous support of Yes She Can helps young women develop essential skills for work and independence.


With your donation we can transform lives and serve more teens and young adults like Izzie, Cassidy, Madison, and Maki.

A letter from Marjorie Madfis, founder of Yes She Can:

I founded Yes She Can because I was worried about my daughter's future - and the future of other teens with autism. When Isabelle was in high school I learned that only 20% of adults with autism were employed! That is unacceptable.

Since age 11, Izzie's career goal has been to work at American Girl. But the skills necessary to be successful at work do not come naturally to people on the autism spectrum: good communication skills, perspective-taking, flexibility, adaptability, problem-solving, perseverance. So after a 30-year career in business I created a program to teach these core skills in an authentic business setting.

Using Izzie's passion, we launched an American Girl resale shop, where trainees are coached by social workers and psychologists, as well as business managers. Our program is intensive and our assessments show that our trainees are progressing. Many have become employed and all have developed skills that enable them to be more independent.

Marjorie created an amazing organization. Since her retirement in 2022 we continue to provide transferable work and social skills to enable young people with learning differences to grow and reach their potential. Your contribution of any amount will enable us to provide more young women with autism the skills and the confidence they need to be able to be included in the workforce and our community.

Robin Davies-Small, Executive Director Yes She Can Inc.

The mission of Yes She Can is to help teen girls and young women with autism spectrum disorders and related learning and social disabilities develop transferable job skills to enable them to join the competitive workforce and achieve greater independence.